Firstly I trust you and your family stay safe and well. My thoughts are with you all as we all navigate through this new phase of business and beyond.

It’s business as usual here at JFM Creatives, and I would like you to know if we’re currently working on a project for you, this will continue on as normal. 

We’re here to fully support you through these times, helping you to update and communicate with your clients and network in the form most appropriate for you.  As the dust starts to settle and some staff is working from home, you might be thinking about what can do now. 

Not sure what you could be doing right now? Here are a few ideas to get you started;

  • Update your website home and contact page to confirm your current business operational status, hours, points of contact, service expectations etc
  • Create a client or network newsletter or set up Mailchimp so you can communicate as and when required to your clients.  An email group can be great too
  • Update social media graphics to reflect your current offer/brand building
  • Google place – check yours is updated with your current hours and points of contact
  • Social media channels – check contact details and about sections are up to date
  • Pin a post to the top of your Facebook page which features your latest update
  • Group chat with your team/clients/suppliers – so everyone’s informed and updated
  • If you can connect with clients virtually, book appointments online (Microsoft bookings, Timely, Acuity are all great) or connect with them via Skype or Zoom
  • Create a daily focus within your team, to keep everyone connected and engaged. Voxer is great for those who love talking, typing, sharing images…  something for every type of communicator
  • Create video tutorials on products and services or even a company update.  Loom is a fabulous platform
  • Database cleanse – what no one truly loves doing, but it allows you to easily and effectively communicate
  • Check answerphone messages are updated with the latest contact points and directions – including mobiles for staff who are on leave or working reduced hours, along with out of office replies
  • If you have on-line booking software for face to face meetings/appointments – check the status of these links
  • Lastly, there will be plenty more things to check-in with, as the days go by… 

What’s staying the same?

The business model at JFM Creatives is virtual and continues as normal. All my virtual team, have the resources and virtual software platforms to carry out any project like normal for you.  My team happens to be around the country – Sam (Christchurch), Teesha & Taryn (Wellington), Terry (Napier) are all safe, well, and ready to help and support you.

If you would like to update your website, communicate with your customers, or talk click my email link below and then we can quickly get your update or new project underway.  Email –

What’s changing?

Maybe rather than meeting in person we can connect on a video Zoom call?  That’s about all that will be changing around how we might work together.

How will you and your teams maximise this time?

Already for some, this moment in time is creating superb focused planning space and for others project team brainstorming sessions are getting underway, to kick start those projects you know are so very important (for one client that’s an eCommerce store).  As the old adage goes, it’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have, that counts… 

Stay safe, keep well and be kind.  Kia Kaha.

Jo x

Mob: 027 292 5004

Click here to schedule a time to connect on Zoom over the next few days and weeks ahead. Even just to chat and have a laugh!


(At the close of day 1 yesterday, my son Ryan had created the first pillow mountain, and indoor “camp out” as he calls it).  I think Terry summed it up the best… “It’s like sheltering for a cyclone, except the mess is all indoors!”. 

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