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Who are we?
What do we do?

We're a virtual New Zealand based marketing team, who help entrepreneurs and leaders grow their businesses.

We’re proficient at crafting meaningful brand solutions, and taking care of the full execution across traditional, digital & social channels.

What skills do we
bring to the table?

We can fully support you with all your marketing collateral needs through to websites and social media content creation.

Whether you’re rebranding or looking to take a new business to marketing we can fully support you with all your marketing collateral needs through to websites and social media content creation.

Our team of talented creatives and web developers take great pride in each and every project and your overall success.

If you would like to find out more, connect with us below or lock in a 25min complimentary insight session with company founder, Jo McCloy, and let’s see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Who do we help?

Progressive businesses looking to up their game – build brand awareness, drive revenue, or influence their market to name a few.

We partner with businesses and co-ops to shape our services to the needs of your business.

Whether that’s on a project by project basis or fully supporting your in-house marketing team throughout the year, our services at JFM scale up to fully support you and your team. We’re here to make you look good!​

Our Team

Changing the Future Together

Reaching, engaging and retaining your customers is paramount.  Together, we’ll ensure the work we do leaves an indelible impression and builds trust and loyalty.  Our partnerships are strong, and our relationships deep-rooted.

Your success is our success.

Jo McCloy
Founder & Marketing Consultant

Jo’s PA

Terry - Website Developer

Web Developer & Tech

Our Philosophy
and Values

Your Success is Our Success

At JFM, our purpose is to present products and services in a manner that entices customers eager to buy. We provide the big ideas behind small business growth. We present opportunities for improvement and growth, take a proactive approach, share knowledge and understanding and are experts in personal communication.

Inspiration & Aspirations

We are a vibrant company co-creating in an energy of inspiration resulting in aspiration.


Everybody takes ownership, nobody passes the buck.

High Achievers

We are a team of high achievers who respectfully challenge the greatness out of each other.


We deliver client results through collaboration and inter-dependence.


We take personal ownership to live a life of empowerment, uplifting the self and all those around through our result focused conversations.

Doing what it takes

We are the titans committed to victory by doing whatever it takes.

High Expectations

Each of us have high expectations of ourselves and respect others enough to have the same of them.

Together we are more awesome

We laugh, we celebrate our daily victories, together we are even more awesome than we are as individuals.

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Book a free 20-min insight session with us, and lets chat!