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Who’s Dolly?

Our clients Alliance know that brand building takes time and after 70 years, they're experts at playing the long game. They know that connecting with generations of families is important for keeping their business sustainable. For the kids, they’ve created a cute wee character called Dolly...

JFM Marketing + Design - Social Media | Reactions

4 Easy Steps to Facebook Engagement

How would you like to create Facebook posts that make your audience smile, nod, and take action? When creating posts for social media, try to remember the AIDA acronym. This stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Attention Grab people’s attention with a catchy headline, cheeky statement...

Matt Smith Construction

Matt Smith Construction is a relatively new business in the Ashburton area. With a number of established construction competitors also using the first name in their brand name, there was a need to craft a visual identity, which was fresh, memorable and punchy. Considered thought was...