Strong communities are forged by kind and compassionate people working together. I’m hearing amazing stories already, from some of my clients on how they’re taking care of their people and I congratulate you. 

The rule of reciprocity states, if you give something to someone, they feel obligated to give something back, and I know you’ll be amazed how their kindness will show up not only to you but your customers in the future.

It is essential we all work together and support each other on this “new voyage” both in business and also personally. For some that will mean thinking outside the box and getting creative on how they do business and for others, there will be the adventure of keeping families entertained whilst juggling work commitments.

My team will be sharing with you daily on our Facebook page, one of our magic moments from the day.  And no doubt some of the antics will resonate, inspire or even just make you smile. 

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