If you’re going to be sending out some comms to your clients or internal team here are a couple of quick tips:

  • Start your message out positive
  • Keep your message calm but not dull
  • Make it clear what you’re asking them to do, if anything.  (It might be info only, tips and tricks, book a call to discuss revised budgets etc)
  • Make it easy for them to connect with you – skype/zoom details/links, contact numbers
  • Include as much information as you need to on your update, but no more.  Many are overwhelmed
  • It can be a time for some industries to over-communicate, even daily, and others it might be just one or two updates over the journey
  • Tailor content to the industry if required, to increase the intimacy of the information 

Most importantly send personal emails, text messages and phone calls, when a mass update is not required.  The personal touch of checking in and making sure those important to you are well, will be long remembered…

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