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Brief – New Client On-boarding

Welcome to JFM Creatives

We're delighted to have you on board as a client, and we all look forward to working along side you and your team.

For marketing professionals to do their best work, firstly they need to understand what it is you are wanting to achieve and the specifics of your target customer.

Often when we work along side businesses and organisations, the nature of their projects means there's often more than one JFM team member tasked with creating marketing magic. There will be your connection with JFM's founder Jo McCloy, and then also a design creative, website developer, or social media and content specialist. They can all be called into your project at different stages and phases.

This brief questionnaire is just the tip of the iceberg of us getting to know you and your business, but please take the time to think about your answers carefully, as once finalised this will inform our entire team, to ensure we're all working collectively in the same direction as you and your objectives.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Jo McCloy – jo@jfm.co.nz or 027 292 5004.