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Helping dairy farmers be the best they can be

It has been with great pleasure to work along side Sandy & Fred Hoekstra to launch their fresh new website last week. When Veehof asked JFM to design and build a new website for their business, the brief was to create a website that was fresh and aligned with their professional customer service and product offering, which they’ve come to be known for.

One of the first steps of a website build is the wire framing of the site (how will each page look and feel, what information will we put in front of a customer at any point in time, how can we engage them further with a product, service or our brand promise) this ultimately creates the conversion path to sale or contact.

For Veehof, this meant three key areas of focus; ease of navigation, a platform for education and information sharing along with a product showcase. Providing farmers and Veterinarians a website experience which makes building their own Wopa Cattle Crush (Standard, Mobile, Pro and Pro+) with all the bells and whistles (20 plus add-on’s) was a challenge our creative team were up for. Our approach to communicating all the important points like always, centred on the end goal goal in mind; building brand awareness and contributing towards business performance without forgetting the addage features tell, benefits sell.

The website forms one cog of a much larger wheel for Veehof. Their website is also used as an information and application portal for their ever popular one-day workshops and advanced courses. With website data connected to a series of cloud based software integrations, this enables streamlined communication, registration and administration processes with course participants from throughout New Zealand; a key ingredient in striving to gain operational efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience.

Consumers are becoming more educated about a product or service before purchasing decisions are made; all the information in the world, is at their finger tips. What does it take to make B2C or B2B interactions more timely and more relevant than the competition? It can often mean changing the perspective at which we look at our businesses; it takes courage to innovate. Price will always be a consideration, but by demonstrating a business understands what’s important in the lives of their consumer it shows they’re more relevant, responsive, and connected


Take a look at their website’s fresh look: