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Partnering with Laing Properties: Building Excellence Together

With more than 25 years of experience and a unique range of services, Christchurch-based Laing Properties is a respected operator in the building industry. JFM is delighted to work with the Laing’s team on creating marketing and brand communications that help customers connect with the unique benefits of working with Laing Properties.

Expertise and Services

From expertise in transporting buildings on truck-back to delivering houses pre-fabricated in Laing’s yard, Laing Properties offers:

  • Transporting Buildings: Efficiently moving buildings on truck-back.
  • Pre-Fabricated Homes: Delivering houses pre-fabricated in Laing’s yard.
  • Reclaiming and Renovating: Reclaiming and renovating pre-loved homes for resale.
  • Design and Construction: Designing and constructing new dream homes.

Customers are instantly secure in a cocoon of expertise and smarter options.

People-Centric Approach

While they may deal with houses and buildings, the Laing Properties team puts PEOPLE at the center of their business. Led by Managing Director Grant Laing, each member of the team applies their skills to ensure projects exceed expectations. Every interaction between staff, customers, suppliers, and contractors is considered a vital piece of creating a positive experience that leads to long-term friendships.

Shared Values

At JFM, we may not be experts with a hammer, but we share Laing Properties’ values of excellence, professionalism, and friendship.

Website Development

JFM has built and maintains Laing Properties’ website.