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Welcome to our new look e-news

Welcome to our new look e-news

Welcome to our new look JFM E-news.  We decided we would take some of our own advice about keeping your brand and communication refreshed, up to date and relevant. So here it is… I hope you will enjoy it and would love to hear what you think, or what you might like to see included in the next edition.I have managed to chat to a few clients about James and my exciting news, but for anyone who I have not been able to catch up with just yet, we are expecting a new addition to our family, a baby boy who is due in August. Please let me reassure you that you will see no change in the service offered by JFM. JFM will continue to operate as normal assisting our clients with their marketing requirements while I am away from the office. I am planning on finishing in late July and returning in November.

One of the conversations I am having increasingly with clients is about their customer segmentation and how they gain a better understanding the different segments and in turn, manage their customer data. In todays marketing world it is important to have brand presence, however the business needs to be able to address the ‘customer of one’ or in other words make it personal to each customer. Knowing and understanding each customer will enable a business to be competitive and acquire and retain business.

Looking forward to the future of marketing and being able to take ‘knowing your customer’ to the next step is being able to predict your customer requirements or next purchase. As an example I have just purchased a cot and nursery furniture, so if the business that I purchased these from know that, they could then also market baby clothing and toys to me – it is not just about knowing your customer today but predicting what they want next from your business and into the future.

It is also important for any business to understand the fundamentals of their marketing and why they should continue with their marketing activity regardless of the economy. Remembering that customers come in and out of the buying cycle as their life changes and develops. Price is not the number one motivator for most purchases, its more about a need and want.

Kind regards,
Jo Foster
Founder + Marketing Consultant