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The story behind an iconic brand colour…

Colour of the month: Tiffany’s Blue (1837 Blue)
How important is colour for a brand expressing their image?
With 80% of our human experience filtered through our eyes, visual cues are vital to successfully getting a message across. More than text or shape, the colour a brand chooses is its calling card. Colour is a signifier, one that commands our attention, and enables companies to establish a brand identity that can become larger than life. It’s crucial when making colour decisions for your brand or product to consider how your shade will broadcast the image of the company. As each colour has its own message and meaning, the more you learn about this critical design element, the more you will be able to leverage its powerful effects.

When was Tiffany Blue standardised by Pantone?
Pantone Colour Institute first began working with Tiffany in 2001 when they approached them to standardise their iconic shade in order to ensure that no matter where you were in the world, no matter the medium the colour was reproduced in, it would be instantly recognisable. The custom colour they created for Tiffany is called “1837 Blue”. It was given this name as the year 1837 marks the founding of Tiffany.