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Why JFM Advertising & Design?

Because we create fantastic work for fantastic people.


There’s far more to a website than a pretty layout. It’s the ultimate case of form following function, and much like a great building project, the blueprint plans need to be bulletproof before the construction goes up and you start hanging your favourite wallpaper.

Even then, the wallpaper choice has to be considered from beyond your own personal taste. Ultimately, your website is about attracting and retaining visitors. The website is as much about their experience as it is about yours. Each visitor will come to your website looking for information and can potentially be persuaded to do business with you – providing they believe in your product or service. It’s critical that your website is easy to navigate, information rich, up-to-date and reflects the feel of your brand values.

The JFM team pulls together a range of professional skills to engineer multi-platform web experiences. From ensuring all your business needs are included on the blueprint, to constructing a technical framework which will stand solidly for years to come, to making sure the shade of wallpaper always presents your brand in the most desirable light.


More and more people are heading online to do business, and the traditional village marketplace is turning into a 24/7 global bazaar.

Customers have more choice than in previous years, and businesses that are online and in tune with the web based market are reaping great rewards. With 75% of the world using hand held devices such as iPhones to access the internet, this is a market that cannot be ignored.

Apps that make it easy for mobile users to find you and purchase your products and services will mean consumers will be able to connect with you when it suits them. Instead of waiting until your retail outlet is open at 9am, more and more customers expect to place orders at any time of the day or night., from anywhere in the world. Funny enough, an effective online shopping platform leads to increased sales for you and a much more satisfied client base.


If keeping your website site up to date is just not the way you’d prefer to spend your time, talk to JFM about a content management package which takes care of updating your regular news items, online specials and more.

We also offer one-on-one social media sessions which introduce the essentials of Facebook such as dejargonising terms like ‘insights’ and ‘likes’ and helping you to set up your own Facebook business page – complete with header image, profile picture and galleries. Hands on experience in a safe learning environment will have you familiar with Facebook in no time.

Facebook &
Social Media

Beyond the basics of Facebook, social media is a virtual phenomenon that continues to grow. Facebook, blogs, twitter and YouTube are continually in New Zealand’s top fifteen most popular websites. Facebook is the second most visited site, behind only the google search engine.

Many are now utilizing these sites from a business perspective, treating them as communication tool through which they can network over cyber space – and many businesses are seeing results. Where once upon a time not so long ago, Friday night drinks were the place to catch up with the local community and share the weeks news, now your community can be millions strong via the internet, online and waiting for your latest snippet of news.


Now more than ever, information is king. Sharing your news via online media can be an engaging way to empower others to spread the word about your brand – particularly if that information is presented in eye-catching snippets, which gives the reader a chance to momentarily slip away from the demands of their day job.


Branded stationery should add that look of crisp professionalism to your official business communications and give your clients a continuity of feel across all your advertising and marketing collateral.

Whether it’s something small, like a well designed business card or coffee voucher, mass usage items like letterhead or with compliment slips, or more specialised items like presentation folders, newsletters, branded receipt and invoice books – every time your distinctive look appears in front of a customer, it should positively suggest the unique strengths of your business.


Direct marketing is about targeting your message to appeal directly to those who are most likely to respond.

Customised direct marketing is usually personally addressed, and it’s not just about selling. The message is service focused, it acknowledges variable market segments by tailoring key information to feature individual names and contact details, product or service photographs and/or special offers directly relative to a customers past purchase history.

Logo &
Brand Identity

Think a logo isn’t that important? Think about the visual symbols used throughout history to unite people behind a cause and you’ll soon realise that humans identify with a visual concept faster than we can understand a thousand words.

Brand identity is often the first impression a customer has of your business. Its your brand name. It suggests what you’re promising to the market. It’s possibly the single lasting memory of you a customer may have until they deal with you in person. All in all – it’s powerful stuff.

Thankfully, the JFM graphic design team uses it’s award-winning brand identity creation skills for good, not evil. Don’t leave your logo in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand how critical it is for your business to make a positive visual impression. Let JFM unite people behind your cause.

Print &

Is your advertising message interesting or relevant for the publications readers? In fact, it’s critical to ask yourself: “Who are the readers?”

Once you’ve identified the likely individuals with their noses buried in the pages around your offer, you need to decide what’s the most effective product or service you can highlight which will provoke some positive action from your key target market.

Use pictures or other crisp and professional illustrations in your advertising. Show and tell them exactly what the benefits of using your specific product or service are. Remember: benefits sell, features tell.


“Where the Bloody Hell Are Ya?”, to borrow a much maligned advertising slogan from Australian tourism promotions, is also a very apt summary of why great signage is necessary. Your signage needs to claim whatever space in which it sits as belonging to YOU.

Be it, signage on a building, vehicle, trade display, flag or banner, viewers should instantly be able to identify the brand behind the message.

Trade shows & events in particular are a magnificent opportunity to display your business signage to a selected audience in a more considered and intimate manner.

Whether its teardrop banners, branded marquees, product boards, branded balloons, flags, air ships, competition entry boxes and much more; at JFM can help bring your signage alive.

QR Codes

Novelty factor, a branding tool AND a quick way of directing people straight to your website, on the spot? QR codes tick all the boxes.

QR codes are small black and white squares made up of a pattern of dark and light areas. They work like barcodes, containing information that is deciphered when they are scanned by a smartphone. Using embedded QR codes on advertising material is a great way of engaging with clients and bridging the gap between physical and online advertising.


A promotional plan provides solid strategies that enable a business to fully maximise its approach, project by project, each supporting and complementing the bigger picture.

Marketing is about generating business growth, encouraging its development, through enhanced and appropriate market presence. Before you try to appeal to an audience, you need to explore that market thoroughly and understand what they are likely to respond to.

Planned marketing and advertising strategies provide you with the necessary tools to move forward. Whether it be an offensive or defensive strategy, it is always a considered and controlled one.

JFM’s tailor-made marketing strategies enhance and develop your business presence. Our research and planning establishes the necessary marketing components for your future growth.

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