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High-end student accommodation…

High-end student accommodation…

JFM has been working with Student Space on a range of new marketing tools and promotional items. Student Space offers a high-end student accommodation service, particularly suited to the needs of overseas students in Christchurch.

The accommodation itself is unique in terms of it’s colourful style, custom facilities and excellent security options. A critical factor in designing the communication pieces was to make sure all the visual messages portrayed the real essence of the trustworthy and stylish service.
A key marketing tool for any business is an effective business card. Business cards are a great way to make a really good first impression. If you can wow somebody when you first give them your business card, your brand has already made a favourable imprint in the mind of the recipient. We decided to go with a black background for the front of the business cards to ensure the vibrant colours of the brand identity really “pop” off the card. The printed card features a heavy silk “feel” in the hand which also helps to convey the right message about quality.

We also created high quality and colourful presentation folders to create a high impact visual which helps to reinforce the impression of superior service for those tenants receiving the folder which contains all their accommodation documents.

Promotional items are an excellent way to grow and enhance brand awareness. By giving someone a unique and useful product which features your logo but also carries a meaningful connection to your brand, you embed your brand in the hearts and minds of customers who use that product in future. As an accommodation expert, Student Space decided to give their tenants bright and colourful keyrings holding the key to their new rooms along with multicoloured pens which the students could use to finalise their tenancy paperwork and continue using for their lessons.

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