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Good design can go around corners

Good design can go around corners

One tricky thing about vehicle graphics is that the message is often moving towards or away from the viewer, always at perfectly road legal speeds, officer. So the message needs to attract attention from a distance and leave the viewer with a positive impression once the vehicle has moved along. 

Another tricky thing about vehicle graphics is making sure a design which looks perfect on a one dimensional computer screen, will still look great when wrapped around the contours of real world vehicle panels. Part of solving that problem is designing graphics which work in harmony with the angles of the vehicle shape. But ultimately, achieving a beautifully finished vehicle graphic comes down to working with an excellent sign writer who can take the designers artwork and literally make it measure up against the full scale challenges of panel curves, door gaps, handles and badges.

A picture paints a thousand words, and we designers love the opportunity to use great photos as the central focus of a communication piece. Lucky for us, the team at Jackson Holmes have taken some wonderful images which really help to explain the reality of their business. By selecting a few key images and carefully blending them together, we were able to create a lively visual story about the Jackson Holmes supplementary feed service, and, on a moving billboard, this was much more engaging than a full written explanation would ever be.

JFM is delighted with the final result – and we couldn’t have achieved it without a brilliant sign writing effort from Nathan at Plus Signs and fantastic images from our friends at Jackson Holmes.