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Blown away by a tank

Blown away by a tank.

Sebco manufactures fuel storage tanks. That sounds straightforward enough. But Sebco founders Ed and Leah Harrison are so engaging and so humble that you almost forget their products are light years ahead of anything else in the market. You almost forget that Sebco diesel stations are the ONLY storage tank in New Zealand to be EPA compliant. You almost forget the industry awards presented to Sebco for technical achievement. You almost forget the calibre of the customers they supply across New Zealand.

You ALMOST forget.

When Sebco asked JFM to design new display collateral for a trade show, we immediately took on board everything that Ashburton based Sebco has achieved so far in building their brand. No pressure JFM, no pressure at all. But that’s the way we like it – we believe it’s a real privilege to add our efforts to the momentum of a business.

The project became a challenging exercise in representing the true strengths, innovations and character behind the range of Sebco products. The display collateral needed to demand serious attention in an exhibit situation. It had to demonstrate an advanced level of achievement without blowing it’s own trumpet – something which the Sebco team would never do. In short, the display had to be noticed for all the right reasons, rather than being overlooked as another background player.

We created a visual strategy which would link the three main Sebco products and multiple customer benefits into one BIG story. When placed together, the individual display pieces work together as a visual block to completely claim any space. A “Sebco Wall” effect is created by the linking colours, layouts and simple messages of the banners and counter unit. But, considering the investment involved in banner printing, our design also allowed for the individual pieces to work powerfully as stand alone product displays for future use.

The final display definitely achieved the visual impact we had aimed for, but we were delighted to receive a happy note from Sebco at their trade show saying the display was “fantastic” – followed by a photo of Ed in action.

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