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Mauger Made Major

When we met the the awe-inspiring brothers Thomas and George Mauger - we knew we had a great project in our hands. Creating their logo and brand identity was such a pleasure. The Mauger colour scheme we have chosen invokes a sense of trust, reliability and sense of dependability. Yellow...

Trusts For The Next Generation

We were tasked by New Zealand Trustee Services (NZTS) with helping people to view an old concept with a new lens. Inheritance Trusts had historical connotations around mortality, and death – mainly due to its’ namesake. But in actual fact, these Trusts benefit lives in the here...

Ara Students See Behind The Scenes

It was a real pleasure hosting students from the Ashburton branch of Ara Institute of Canterbury twice this year. Students learnt real life work examples and career journeys from the team at JFM Marketing & Design. These students are studying the New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills....