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Workplace Selfie Comp V2

We relished your entries to this Facebook comp earlier in the year so much - that we brought it back! The winner of the Workplace Selfie Comp V2 was DNA Hairdressing. We loved the creativity in this entry and appreciate that it probably took a...

Who’s Dolly?

Our clients Alliance know that brand building takes time and after 70 years, they're experts at playing the long game. They know that connecting with generations of families is important for keeping their business sustainable. For the kids, they’ve created a cute wee character called Dolly...

An Institutional Logo Design

JFM was asked to create an authoritative brand identity for the education training body ‘Dairy Hoofcare Institute’ (DHI) targeting all hoof care training, contract hoof trimmers, vets and the professional sector. To give the logo a feeling of trust and credibility we have designed the logo...