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Are you looking to convert website visitors into sales? An ecommerce website will give you the functionality to sell products and services online.

Now more than ever your customers are not constrained to a geographical area from your physical location. Your customers can be just down the street, at the end of the road or at the tip of the North/South Island and anywhere in between. If you can productise your offering and simply put your items up online for someone to purchase or enquire, you’re in business 24/7. Sometimes we know what we want and would like to purchase it the quickest way possible we can online, other times we would like to know more information and ask for help to solve a problem we may have.

An eccomerce website gives you the freedom to offer your products for sale at any time of the day or night. JFM have a technical team with extensive coding skill who can build bespoke websites and incorporate ecommerce elements into a website. When your website requires shopping cart functionality, payment gateway integration, bespoke elements and the latest ecommerce technology, engage an expert. Our team has extensive web development and troubleshooting experience to build custom websites.


What website address can people use to find you?

Before a website can be publicly shown, a domain name must be secured. This is the www.(companyname).co.nz name that people will type into the search bar or the address that people will be redirected to after completing a search. It is best to secure a name that is easy to remember and as close to your business name as possible.


Invoice directly to your clients from your website.

JFM can set up invoicing functionality from your ecommerce website. Invoices can be sent directly from your store or we can work with a third party integration specialist who can set up integration with online software packages such as Xero.


Provide peace of mind for clients paying with a credit card.

JFM works alongside reputable providers such as Payment Express and eWay for secure payment gateway integrations with your bank, once a merchant bank account has been set up. We can also set up PayPal on your website. It’s always a good idea to research the different options available, as there are different cost options from different payment gateway providers.


Make sure your website can be found and listed by search engines.

Search engines are powerful, frequently used tools to look up businesses such as yours online. Search engine optimization is a collection of techniques used in web content and development to ensure a website ranks well. A great website is accessible 24/7 and is a highly cost effective sales tool – so make sure you are visible.


Even a website needs service, every now and again.

The digital world is constantly changing and evolving. Often ecommerce software, plugins and requirements change, which require regular website updates. Maintenance is critical to ensure your website keeps working as intended when built. JFM offer a variety of maintenance packages to keep your site in top shape.


Keep your website accessible all day, every day.

To keep a large e-commerce site up and running, a hosting service must be engaged. A web host has all the technology and services required to keep a website online, including server storage. All web pages need to be hosted so they can be found on the worldwide web and JFM can organise hosting for you.


Add postage or shipping charges to your online shop.

If your shop functionality requires shipping goods to a client, our ecommerce websites can handle freight charges whether they are a set cost, based on weight or have a cost based on the distance the goods are to go. We can also set up an automated email to the client informing them of the order status changes from received, in progress, shipped and finalised.


Streamline your online orders.

An e-commerce website works best when it integrates with your software packages and streamlines your processes. We can integrate with many common software packages such as Xero, Sales Force, Mail Chimp and some inventory management systems if compatible.

We partner with specialist provides to enable additional functionality such as product ratings, wish lists, scripted emails for orders to inform clients of their product status and filtering products through searches and refinements. Contact us to discuss your software integration needs and we’ll see how we can help you.


I want to sell my products online through a website, can you help?

Absolutely, JFM Marketing + Design offer ecommerce websites which enable online purchasing. We can offer secure payment gateways and freight charging, allowing you to receive completed orders. Alternatively, we can offer a product enquiry website which is exactly the same as an e-commerce store, without the payment gateway. Customers will simply select a product and send an enquiry to you via email.

I have a website name that I have in mind, can you get it for me?

Sure, if it’s available! If so, we can register your domain name for you, put a holding graphic up and construct your website in the background, so it cannot be seen until it’s completed.

Can you make my website compatible with mobile phones?

JFM make all new websites “mobile responsive”, so they look great on a variety of screen sizes including desktop, mobile and tablets.

Will my website protect the security of my client’s credit cards?

When we create an e-commerce website, we engage reputable companies for our secure payment gateway integrations with your bank. This includes Payment Express and eWay or you can choose to use PayPal. All websites now come with an SSL certificate, which provides additional security by encrypting data.

How many products can I have in my store? Can I add more?

You can have as many as you like, there is no limit. We can make a website that is suitable for however many products you’d like to have online. Your product can be either a downloadable product (guides, manuals, audio files etc) or shipped (physical product). Yes you can add them yourself and we’ll show you how.

How long will it take to build my website?

A standard website will take between 8 to 16 weeks, the availability of imagery and content often determines project duration. An e-commerce website build takes between 16 to 24 weeks depending on the complexity, the availability of imagery and product information.




At JFM Marketing + Design, we offer a complimentary initial one hour consultation. Following your initial meeting, JFM will put together an indicative website proposal for your on-line store .



Once we have had our initial meeting, JFM will put together a cost proposal, which provides an overview of our meeting and agreed outcomes along with required content themes and website functionality.



Our creative and communication gurus get together to start formalising your website visitor strategy to help generate and convert sales leads. We approach this both in terms of visual product design and layout and content messaging.



As your on-line store comes to life, we provide you with a dedicated development site so we can collaborate and refine your website before, it's launched to the world.


Want some magic dust sprinkled your way? JFM Marketing and Design are here to help!