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Orange – Radiant and Fun Loving

17-1450 Summer Fig

From sweet smelling peach and energising coral to vibrant tangerine, spicy ginger and earthy terra cotta the meaning of orange is inexorably linked to the sensations of radiant energy, heat and the glowing presence of the setting sun. Taking its heat from two radiant sources, red and yellow, orange is perceived as the hottest of all shades. No matter where or how it is used, even a small touch of vitamin-enriched orange adds liveliness to any colour palette.

One of the orange shades in the 210 new colour additions to the PANTONE colour palette is PANTONE 17-1450 Summer Fig, a lush and juicy orange shade whose slight brown undertone conveys an exotic touch. Suggestive of sweetness and vitality the persuasive and flavourful Summer Fig blazes with intensity.

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