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Kamac Contracting- specialists in cultivation and drilling in Mid Canterbury…

Kamac Contracting- specialists in cultivation and drilling in Mid Canterbury.

JFM’s Story Scroll websites are quick, smart websites that provide all the information at a glance. JFM has recently launched a Story Scroll website for Kamac Contracting a business specialising in cultivation and drilling in Mid Canterbury. The brief to JFM was to create a website that was clean and aligned with their professional customer service and exposed their full range of services, as well as been easy to navigate and clearly showcase the machinery Kamac Contracting offer.

In order to meet the need of Kamac Contracting’s brief to deliver an easy to navigate website, we knew the best website option for Kamac Contracting was JFM’s Story Scroll website. One of the biggest advantages of JFM’s Story Stroll websites is that everything the customer needs is in one place at their fingertips. Kamac Contracting’s clients want all the information relevant to them to be in one place, and with our Story Scroll website Kamac Contracting’s clients do not have to navigate between different pages on the website as it is all on the first and only page.

JFM’s Story Scroll website still has the key features of any other website for example scrolling staff profiles, latest news, contact map, contact form, price table, supplier/ partners showcase and videos. One of the key points in Kamac Contracting’s briefing was the need to clearly showcase their gear. This is where the video function on the JFM Story Scroll came into play. Video is a great way to showcase any type of machinery working.

Click here to view Kamac Contracting’s fresh new website.