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When Nature Called: EcoRestroom

Have you ever been to an event or special location and the unsightly restrooms forced you to rate the experience much lower?

Or maybe you’ve encountered some fabulous restrooms that made a great impression on you!?

That’s why Silk Estate created EcoRestrooms. Silk Estate offers luxurious wedding marquees with sophisticated furniture and finishing’s. Owner Toni May took on the challenge to create a restroom to add, not detract, from her client’s overall experience.

EcoRestrooms provides transportable restroom solutions as an alternative to the typical Portaloos. These restrooms are not only eco-friendly but the idea is to impress guests of sophisticated events such as weddings, parties, sports or corporate get-togethers.

As a team we coined the brand name. Then the creative treatment of overlaid soft green foliage and ferns visually communicate the eco friendly properties of the unit. If you look closely, the artwork blends fluidly between the external and internal walls. The tropical leaves give the restroom a feeling its surrounded by nature and allows it to blend in with the scenery. Our visual message was a back to nature focus and kiwi in style.