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A more balanced and solid brand…

A more balanced and solid brand…

Growing pains are a big challenge for many businesses and this was the case for Ellesmere Agriculture Ltd.

With an established market reputation and a well recognised brand identity, one of the concerns for Ellesmere Agriculture Ltd was updating their brand communications to reflect an evolved business offering whilst ensuring they did not lose the loyalty of existing customers and team members. We worked closely with the leadership of Ellesmere Agricultural Ltd to explore the possible directions for developing their brand, and ultimately established that the most effective strategy was to stay true to the heritage of the business by simplifying the brand name and evolving the logo – rather than introducing a completely new look to the market. By shortening the brand name to “EA”, a description already commonly used by the market, and adding the letter L for limited, we ensured the business did not suddenly become an unknown entity to the market. We widened the suggestion of EAL’s business offering by adding the description “AgriServices Group”, which allows the market to understand that EAL offers more than one service. The word “Group” was included to describe that the business extends well beyond it’s original Ellesmere location to include team members based in another service hub. In essence, we’ve simplified the name down to a summary of the complicated evolution of this hard-working and successful business. 

To ensure staff, loyal customers and the wider market instantly recognised the new brand name and continued to apply those positive associations previously attached to the Ellesmere Agriculture Ltd name, we felt the look and feel of this simplified brand name had to retain a recognisable link to the established logo. The new logo needed to be seen as an evolution rather than a revolution. By retaining the “feel” of the old logo, but redesigning the line widths and structure of the three letters in the new main icon, we suggest a more balanced and solid brand. Viewers feel comfortable seeing very familiar shapes and colours within the logo, yet will also feel that the brand has “more to it” now.