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An awesome feeling…

An awesome feeling…

It’s an awesome feeling when you make someone’s day. It’s even better when you bring a smile to a complete stranger’s face, and encourage them to do the same for someone else. 

That’s the genesis of the Pay It Forward movement: doing a random act of kindness that inspires another and multiples into many more. So when our marketing team came up with the idea of Xero paying it forward for small business owners (#xeropaysitforward), I thought it was an awesome way to get behind this social movement. We get to give something back to small businesses and their customers (and get them to pay it forward too, of course). 

Here’s how #xeropaysitforward played out: 

▪ We asked Xero staff in every Australian office to nominate a business (and amount) they wanted to pay it forward to.
▪ We visited these businesses – ranging from cafes and eateries to barbers, gyms and even Bondi Icebergs Club – and paid it forward to them.
▪ When customers went to pay, they were handed a card and told that “this one’s been paid for by Xero”.
▪ We filmed/photographed peoples’ reactions, and encouraged them to pay it forward.