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Matt Smith Construction

Matt Smith Construction is a relatively new business in the Ashburton area. With a number of established construction competitors also using the first name in their brand name, there was a need to craft a visual identity, which was fresh, memorable and punchy.

Considered thought was given to the colour palette and development of the icon to make sure it was eye-catching, memorable and unique. Red was chosen, as it is a highly visible colour that is able to gain attention quickly, allowing all signage to be visible and stand out from the rest. Red is often associated with leadership, strength, action and energy which are all traits of Matt Smith Construction.

Matt Smith also wanted the brand to give a sense of the company’s values, which include professionalism, high quality workmanship and a small team focus. The collateral that was crafted included the design of business cards, design of a services site sign and vehicle signage. The website domain name and email address were also secured.

At JFM Marketing + Design, we love being involved with setting up the brand identity and collateral for a new business. If you would like to discuss a new brand identity and logo for your business, give us a call.