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Brief – Logo and Branding


The most effective brand identities / logos are created specifically to appeal to the hearts and minds of TARGET CONSUMERS, rather than the personal tastes of the business.

An effective brand identity / logo resonates with the CUSTOMER on an emotional level, and will suggest that the brand understands the customer and is offering a very real, trustworthy solution to their problems or “pain points”. This sense of AUTHENTICITY breaks down barriers, provokes people into action, increases ROI, and ultimately improves the bottom line for the business behind the logo.

Answering the following questions will give us valuable insight into your business. Your depth of knowledge about your business – its background, its ambitions, and its unique product and service offerings – will help us determine the most effective directions for creating a brand identity that most accurately represents your business and speaks directly to your customer.

Skip any questions that clearly do not relate to your needs, but please answer as many questions as possible. The more information we have, the more factors we can take into consideration and the better job we can do for you.

Jo McCloy - JFM Creatives