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JFM October Newsletter – Marketing Tip

JFM Enewsletter October4

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, knowing the best keywords for your brand is critical. But sometimes the process of researching your keywords can get out of hand.

A keyword, or keyword phrase, is an easy way of referring to the queries people type into the search bars of their favorite engines. As a website owner, you want to know which keywords your customers are searching for so that you can use search engine optimization best practices to optimize your site for them and improve your chances of appearing in the natural search results for these queries.

There are a few ways you can do it

• Use your customers – ask them what they search for to find you.

• Google Analytics – use your google analytics account traffic sources to see what people are coming to your site and the keywords they search to find you

• Leverage Googles ‘related searches’ function – head to google and use the keywords you think people would search to find you. Down the bottom is also has a list of related phrases to your original search. If any of these relate to your business, they deserve a place in your seo.