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JFM E News July 2014 – JFM Update


Volkswagen – Eyes on the Road

Following on from our note on the Marketing Association’s Digital Day Out conference last month, we found this advert – using the technology we learnt about. Its amazing how the technology is being used to immerse the viewer in the brand message, and how effective it really is.

Last week, we also attended another Marketing Association conference in Christchurch on SEO (search engine optimization). Did you know, that 95% of Kiwis and Australians use Google weekly? Imagine life without it now. Perhaps you want your website to be showing on the first results page for Google? We are all guilty of clicking those first few results, and it shows, that SEO is invaluable to your site performance. Give us a shout to learn more. Regular updates to your website can make the world of difference. We will also leave you with this video on SEO for a parting thought.