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How do you “show up”?

How do you “show up”?

Have you ever wondered why some people have the knack of always “showing up”, fully attentive and bursting with energy, even knowing full well they’ve just walked out of a meeting which, more than resembled a hurricane…

Last week, a colleague introduced me to the work of Dr Adam Fraser, one of Australia’s leading educators, researchers and thought leaders in the area of human performance.

He really got me thinking; every person we come into contact with truly deserves the very best from us, whether that’s our most junior employee right through to our companies’ CEO, but most importantly our partners and children do too.

Dr Adam’s insight on how to reflect, rest and reset, creates what he describes as the “Third Space”… I encourage you to watch Adam’s video; it might just change how you walk in the door tonight and greet your family, it certainly made me think!

The Third Space: Managing how you show up
Click here to view Adam’s video.

 I’m keen to hear how Adam’s engaging message might have made you think differently… please do share your insights – jo@jfm.co.nz.

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