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JFM Marketing + Design - Team | Justine | Graphic Designer

Happy 5th Work-iversary Justine!

We can’t believe it’s been five years. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Not only is Justine an artistic phenomenon, breathing visual life into little more than ideas – but she also is friendly, helpful, dedicated, and a multi-tasking whizz.

Aside from being our amazing Graphic Designer, she’s also our health and well-being guru having tried nearly every sport imaginable. Lately she’s been surfing most weekends with her Dad and we think that is so sweet! She also enjoys long walks with her fur-baby Floyd which can be a challenge for his wee legs to keep up, but Justine knows its good for his fitness.

Our half-scottish, half-kiwi gal is a bit of a movie buff, so next time you talk to her, the latest film is always a good convo starter! Thanks for your continued loyalty.

Keep doing you Justine, we love having you on the team at JFM Marketing.