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Established brands – to change or not to change the marketing message

Established brands – to change or not to change the marketing message…

As an established business in the hands of new owners, Tom and Jaimee Kearney, Canterbury Feed Assessment faced a crossroad in terms of its marketing message. 

Do the new owners “not rock the boat” by continuing to speak with existing customers as if nothing has changed in the business, or do they communicate the fresh enthusiasm and increased opportunities they’ve just added into the mix?

In learning about the personalities and business goals of Tom and Jaimee, the team at JFM created a strategy for communicating the best of both worlds to new and potential customers. By continuing to use the existing brand name the business doesn’t alarm the current client base too much, but by adding a shortened version of the full business name to a prominent position in the brand identity, there’s an immediate suggestion of a fresh dimension being added to the already trusted platform.

Direction set for an optimal communication strategy, creating the look and feel of the updated brand identity was a challenging balance between reflecting the scientific nature of the business, its (literally) down-to-earth connection to the land and the personal style of the new owners.

The strategy dictated that the brand identity would combine the capital letters of the brand name AND the supporting full name to help explain the shortened version, it was also essential to make sure any new logo didn’t fail by becoming too complicated to view at a glance. The final result is a balanced eye-catching logo and icon combination which is easily understood and certainly gets remembered for all the right reasons.