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An exciting brand building project…

An exciting brand building project…

We have recently just finished an exciting brand building project with Argyle Welsh Finnigan.

AWF wanted a creative way to keep their team engaged with the transition period involved in moving premises. We suggested a visually striking timeline with unique “repositionable” sticker elements which allowed for information to be adjusted across the timeline. For a staff only message, the information on some of the stickers included key milestones in the building project while other stickers carried specific meaning for team members. By using the milestone stickers only, the timeline graphic also became a fantastic way to keep AWF clients informed of progress on the move.  

The flexible messaging and visual potential of this signage method can be used in many different ways. Directional instructions, engaging and ever-evolving communications with the team or just a fun visual you can play with. In working with AWF on this project, we found this re-positional signage to be a highly interactive way to show your team where you are and where you need to be.