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When values align between two businesses…


When values align between two businesses…

When values align between two businesses, the results can be spectacular.

JFM was honoured to be invited to work with Georgina Torrington on a new brand identity project with Continental in Rangiora, Canterbury.

As soon as we met the Continental team, we realised their passion for excellence and drive to create a unique, positive experience for the people they deal with was going to line up perfectly with the way JFM likes to work. In constructing a new facility, Continental envisaged a unique café that would attract visitors from far and wide. Knowing the Continental team has been held in high esteem for the past 50 years, we absolutely believed in their vision. So we set about creating an identity and communication which matched the promised delights for café visitors.

The Kingsford Kitchen brand identity is a delightful creative brain implosion. One minute the creative concept was dwelling on kitchen utensils which suggested hand-crafted quality, the next minute somebody noticed how much a sketch of an upturned egg beater looks like a Da Vinci flying machine… which segued perfectly into the cafe’s name. Kingsford Kitchen is located on Kingsford Smith Drive, named after legendary Australian aviator Charles Kingsford Smith who landed near the location in 1928 on the return leg of the first ever Trans Tasman flight. With those realisations cleared for take off, there was nothing else to do but illustrate a pioneering pilot flying an egg beater.

Click here to see the video clip to find out how JFM developed the corporate logo and brand identity for Kingsford Kitchen – Rangioria’s latest start-up cafe.