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Good is the enemy of GREAT” – Jim Collins

Good is the enemy of GREAT – Jim Collins

Jo Foster recently returned home from the Growth Summit ‘15 where globally renowned, business strategies, leadership thinker and best-selling author Jim Collins presented live at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Tuesday 3rd March 2015. Jo joined Sue Lindsay and a contingent from New Zealand for a day jam packed with motivation and inspiration by American keynote speakers Jim Collins, Liz Wiseman and Verne Harnish.

Returning to Australia after 15years, Jim Collins gave us all plenty of actionable steps and thought provoking knowledge bites.. here are just a few of the key points from Jim’s presentation which might trigger a thought or even a small action within your business tomorrow… if you would like to find out the story behind some of Jim’s key points, feel free to be in touch with Jo or call for a chat…

“Good is the enemy of GREAT”
What is leadership? The artistry of getting people to do what must be done.
What is your 20 mile march? What is it that you need to do every day/week no matter how tough things get? Don’t confuse consistent with slow…
“Luck favours the persistent” The big winners thought they were luckier… but what do we do with the luck we get… play the best you can with what hand you have…
What’s on your stop doing list?
How well do you relate to the thing in the mirror, or do you point out the window…
Creativity is our ability to seek innovation – How to gain the validation of what will work… first fire plenty of bullets, calibrate, then at some point fire cannonballs.
How will you change the lives of others, because you were here?

The Growth Summit – www.thegrowthfaculty.com.au/growthsummit/