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A Real Connection with EA Fibre

A Real Connection with EA Fibre

JFM has been delighted to work with the brilliant leadership team at EA Fibre on developing a marketing and communications strategy for their world-class ultra-fast fibre broadband service.

EA Fibre has already ducted UFB cables to specific areas in Ashburton and surroundings, and our goal was to devise a successful method for showing people in those locations that they have easy access to a local broadband product which is superior in many ways – both in technical terms and because customers are able to depend on helpful service from the locals at EA Fibre’s Ashburton headquarters.

Following development of the marketing strategy, which helped identify key audience requirements we created a campaign of direct mail pieces targeting home owners in key locations. All pieces of information were presented under the attention grabbing concept of “The Zone” – a far better place to be if you want to access entertainment streams, use multiple devices online, play games or transfer data.

Compelling copy writing, unusual ideas for direct mail and signage formats, and snappy visual design executions all worked together to make potential customers aware that they were either IN the zone already and therefore had almost instant access to a much better internet experience, or customers could check the EA Fibre website to see if their address had access to the zone.