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Author: jfmdesign

When Nature Called: EcoRestroom

Have you ever been to an event or special location and the unsightly restrooms forced you to rate the experience much lower? Or maybe you’ve encountered some fabulous restrooms that made a great impression on you!? That’s why Silk Estate created EcoRestrooms. Silk Estate offers luxurious wedding...

JFM Marketing + Design - Team | Justine | Graphic Designer

Happy 5th Work-iversary Justine!

We can’t believe it’s been five years. Time flies when you’re having fun! Not only is Justine an artistic phenomenon, breathing visual life into little more than ideas – but she also is friendly, helpful, dedicated, and a multi-tasking whizz. Aside from being our amazing Graphic Designer,...

JFM Marketing + Design - Team | Janice | Marketing Assistant

A Warm Welcome to Janice McKay

A self-confessed ‘word nerd’, Janice loves to use words to relate people, businesses, and causes. Our new Marketing Communications Assistant has a passion for creative conversations in person, print and online. She is an ace at helping businesses to be more responsive, welcoming and inviting. Janice...

Matt Smith Construction

Matt Smith Construction is a relatively new business in the Ashburton area. With a number of established construction competitors also using the first name in their brand name, there was a need to craft a visual identity, which was fresh, memorable and punchy. Considered thought was...