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Author: jfmdesign

Minimal Mind

Minimal Mind Negative space takes center stage in current packaging design trends, according to Stylesight in its Prints & Graphics. This “Minimal Mind” graphic design trend favors immaculate white space and minimal graphics over decorative graphic design elements. “Pristine packaging alludes an über contemporary feel,” states Stylesight. Additional...

A fun and friendly font for summer

A fun and friendly font for summer Nexta Rust font family Nexa Rust from Fontfabric Type Foundry is a multifaceted font system consisting of font sub-families Sans, Slab, Script, Handmade and Extras. Each of these sub-families contains a number of font weights which have a characteristic warm, rough...

How JFM build character

How JFM build character Creating a cartoon character to help share your business message may not be the first direction you think of for a marketing campaign, but careful use of humorous drawings is a seriously under-rated method of connecting with your customers. Of course I would...