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Why JFM Advertising & Design?

Because we create fantastic work for fantastic people.


Understanding our clients needs and ensuring we exceed their expectations takes diligence, acumen and confidentiality. That kind of thing tends to please the business astute. What pleases them even more is the JFM Advertising and Design approach to demonstrating how much we appreciate the relationships formed with the people behind each business we work with.

A free one hour consultation is all part of our service, if you would like to discuss your businesses growth strategy, contact  Jo Foster or Sarah Jones today.


Creative thinking is more than coming up with a whacky idea. If that idea fails to connect with an audience, it will be ignored. We call our brand of creativity “applied genius”, because JFM is all about dreaming up exciting new concepts which have the strength to create an impact and maintain a following in the real world.

Take a look at some of our recent brand development, website design, direct mail campaigns, or for inspiration check out our latest news.


We know what it takes to achieve a fantastic result in an optimum timeframe. That’s no cliche. As a business, JFM is strategically built around marketing and creative professionals who bring a proven track record and positive energy to every task. Individually and collectively, earning a great reputation is central to everything we do.

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