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After managing every single role in her business from the CEO to the cleaner, Tracy’s experience with ecommerce and retail as a self-taught small business owner, has given her an extensive and humbling appreciation for the trials and tribulations that start-ups face on a day-to-day basis.


Relentless in her determination to figure things out, Tracy will pursue projects unrelentingly until she has conquered them in entirety. Only to then start immediately with the next one she has lined up. She particularly enjoys projects of a creative and design nature.


Tracy believes that there is nothing quite as exhilarating as collaborating and working with like-minded, out of the box people who encourage, challenge and inspire you. One of her goals is to cut through the clutter and help businesses work smarter not harder, using just a few strategic tools.


Out of the office Tracy is Mom to 2 teenage daughters and an aerial fitness and yoga enthusiast. She is an animal rights advocate who loves gardening, art and music. In her free time she reads extensively, battles complicated crochet patterns and is constantly on the hunt for the next undiscovered travel destination.


Tracy is on a lifelong and relentless pursuit to learn and experience all sorts of new skills and programs, particularly in the creative and design sphere. She has collected and continues to build on a diverse set of transferable skills that she continuously strives to cultivate and grow.


Tracy believes that with a solid foundation of integrity and enthusiasm, anything can be achieved. It is so important to remember why you started and because of that, never give up. Thomas Edison sums up her approach to life perfectly “ I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


Our team at JFM Creatives are really talented people!
We employ specialists with strong skills. Our clients benefit by accessing this talent when needed without having to employ a marketing team. Here is an overview of Tracy’s previous study, work experience and specialist skills.


Tracy counts herself as immensely fortunate in having spent over 2 decades working with some of the most incredible people. All of who have in some shape or form, taught her, terrified her, humbled her and empowered her.

“Being a hairdresser taught me so much about people and how much value consumers place in the smallest of gestures and the consistency of small acts of service. You might have the most superior product, hottest location and most coveted brand. But if you don’t take the time to build a relationship with your customer, you won’t be getting their return business.”

Work experience

Tracy has worked in a number of fields as she embarked on her entrepreneurial adventures. After 20 years with a rewarding and flourishing career as a hairdresser and salon owner, Tracy with the encouragement of her clients branched out.

After a baptism of fire as a freelance copywriter she hit the ecommerce ground running with zero experience or any proper understanding of the industry.

Self-taught and armed with a minute budget along with unwavering support from her husband, Tracy embraced the unknown head on. She has emerged with an abundance of new skills, awards for service and entrepreneurship, as well as stories to tell her grandchildren and 800 more grey hairs than when she started.

Specialist skills

Tracy specialises in ecommerce, communications and design. She has a keen interest in analytics and the psychology of user behaviour. One of Tracy’s next goals is to learn more about video editing so she can create stunning visual stories. And to finish and publish her book that she has 8475159 drafts of.

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