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With her youthful enthusiasm but mature outlook, our Office Junior Hannah enjoys the variety of work here at JFM, and the creativity surrounding it.

A world of colour

For Hannah, marketing is what creates a world full of colours and options, whether that is through fashion, art, design or media.


Hannah thrives on the variety and the creative freedom in the studio. Her goal is to do her best work and enjoy herself while doing it.


You’ll find Hannah in the great outdoors playing hockey, rock climbing, hiking and running. She also loves a good catch up and laugh with friends.


Often thinking beyond the here and now, Hannah finds history deeply interesting and loves looking into the different lifestyles of people and seeing how it has changed over time.


A design quote that Hannah thinks is cool is: “Everything is designed. Few things are designed well”. Brian Reed


Our team at JFM Creatives are really talented people!
We employ specialists with strong skills. Our clients benefit by accessing this talent when needed without having to employ a marketing team. Here is an overview of Hannah’s previous study, work experience and specialist skills.


As a full time student, Hannah is currently gaining experience working here at JFM learning all about administration, creative workflows and the agency environment

Work experience

Hannah has had some after school jobs but working at JFM is definitely her favourite role so far!

Specialist skills

Hannah has a wicked eye for detail and loves casting her eagle eye over any work to ensure they’re error free.

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