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With a strong affinity for the agribusiness sector, some say I have a knack of understanding rural folk, what motivates them and how businesses need to tell their story in a meaningful and compelling way to connect with their audience.

Some might not understand why the weather forms part of nearly every conversation or why major weather or seasonal pressures translate into pleasure or pain-points for farmers and their supply partners, but as a business we do.  We walk and talk farming both in terms of our childhood up brining and our current connections with the farming community.

Understanding why you want to look professional to your clients and clearly communicate your value proposition, but not mutton dressed up as lamb, is just part of our DNA. Farmers are an astute bunch and like to connect with innovative businesses who demonstrate that “we get you” in an authentic and meaningful way.

Having honed this skill of connecting the dots (as its been referred to me before), is one which has easily translated across into many other sectors of business; professional services, retail, tourism hospitality, manufacturing to name a few. As a studio we’re focused on forming bridges between you and your customer from a pain or pleasure point to a win-win match of need.

Being authentic to who you are and what your business stands for is what takes your brand from being heard of, to being top of mind.  If you would like to find out how we can help grow your business, please feel free to call me direct on 027 292 5004 or email jo@jfm.co.nz.


Helping small and medium business owners succeed is why I get out of bed every day. I love telling their story for who they truly are and the problems they help solve. I still get a huge kick out of seeing a clients face when they see a fresh piece of creative and they have this look of amazement and are thinking, this is so much more than I thought. Helping our clients and their staff feel empowered about the marketing of their business is so very rewarding.

We’re always here to help our clients the best way we can. I place great importance on creating a diverse creative team who engage and enjoy this wonderful world we live in, because lets face it, we’re all different just like our customers and to truly solve problems, first you must be understanding. There are some great online shoppers and researchers amongst us, outdoor adventurers and one or two who enjoy the finer pleasures in life – not to mention a fabulous coffee and cake.


I never thought I’d turn green fingered… but it’s happened. I’ve developed a new found love for composting and gardening. I’ve become fascinated with composting organic matter, earth and tiger worms (never knew there was a difference until a few weeks ago) and how great this can be for your garden.

There’s a big BUT to my new hobby – our son Ryan and I are a little impatient when it comes to waiting for plants to grow and mature… however there’s a product that’s solving my problem – it’s amazing what a little seaweed tonic can do at a minimal cost for maximum growth rates!  Not to mention the abundance of produce.


What I’ve discovered over my years of various roles is my love for helping people.

Whether that role be as a office junior in a local legal firm, helping promote products and services in an advertising sales consultant and team leader role for a local newspaper, helping answer questions about life and super policies as a call centre operator at AMP in Australia, to all manner of odd job’s during my UK OE. My passion, is for helping others.

My love for agribusiness stemmed from my childhood where my many “farm girl experiences” on my parents farm in Dorie taught me a thing or two. Some tasks my two brothers would say I wasn’t ever very good at but my dad never complained about an extra set of hands! From driving tractors, shifting fences, drenching, tailing, digging thistles, rouging, to shoveling grain, I’ve done most things… I won’t claim I could do all that now with youthful exuberance, but I’m holding onto the fact it’s like riding a bike – you never forget!

Why good marketing / design is important

Nothing happens in any business until someone sells something and I truly believe that’s how important marketing is to any businesses strategy. As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good impression, so taking the time to plan is most important and often a step in small business that’s not prioritised highly enough. What makes us different at JFM is our approach, it’s all about “getting bums on seats”, making sure your messages are audience relevant, timely and your positioning is aligned and targeted to each seasonal requirement of your business. We also help business owners ensure they’re presenting an authentic, memorable and lead generation focused campaign.

We don’t have egos, we’re here to help aid the sales cycle, for you and your business.

Growing knowledge

Human behaviour fascinates me and it’s something I would like to learn more about because if we can understand why we think the way we do, perhaps globally we can all become better communicators and understand the viewpoints of others and the true motivators for change.

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